This site is dedicated to the memory of Lucy Olivia Shevlin.

'Of all the gifts in life, however great or small, To have you as my daughter was the greatest gift of all' On April 18th 2002, my beautiful little girl, Lucy Olivia was born. She was born with Trisomy 13 (Patau's Syndrome) which had not been detected antenatally. It is a condition not compatible with life. Lucy 'fell asleep' forever in my arms on the 6th May 2002. She was 18 days old. Though in my arms a short time, she will be loved and missed forever xx Sweetdreams my baby girl. Mummy loves and misses you more than words could ever say xx Like a Butterfly you flew beside us like a sunbeam, And for a Brief Moment, Your glory and beauty belonged to this world! But then you flew on again. And though we wish you could have stayed, We feel so lucky to have had you in our lives! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I found your old geocities site while looking through webarchives, and I was truly touched. I am a stranger, so this might seem a bit odd but I felt just a tiny fraction of your pain and wanted to send something. I managed to find this site as a result. Your dedication to your child touched my heart and it made me realize how important it is to remember someone when you've lost them rather than burying it deeply. Your family is beautiful, including Lucy. I really hope you are doing well. Sending you lots of love
Isaac January 23rd, 2021
Birthday wishes I send today – to a star in the sky not far away Engraved in gold on a cloud above – just for you sent with love 💕
nickistones71 April 18th, 2020
“When a child dies, part of a parent dies. That is a fact. From that point forward, parents live in a state of "partial life" due to having what is now called "broken heart syndrome." We are just beginning to learn all of the facts concerning grief, the effects of grief, and the reality of how grief changes the very physical and emotional make-up of parents. Those who say to parents of child loss that they should have closure and move on simply do not understand the facts of what happens to a parent physically and emotionally when a child dies. There are very real changes that take place. The pain of loss is real. Yes, parents will eventually learn how to " live within the pain of loss" , but there will always and forever be a part of a parent that is missing. Parents of child loss are courageous beyond words! They are living with part of their heart and soul missing, and there is nothing ~ absolutely nothing ~ to compare to this kind of pain. God bless every parent of child loss this day with the continued courage and strength needed to go on” ~ Author Clara Hinton (2016)
Kerry June 17th, 2019
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